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Weather Update...Monday Morning

*** Weather Update ***

  • As of 08:30, the Long Neck road approach IS NOT FLOODED, but is likely to be so when high tide arrives approximately 5:00pm. I will be updating this periodically. Source:

  • Updated tide level predictions and observations can be found here - Water appears on the roadway at approximately 7’ of tide (“moderate” flood stage)

  • As of 08:45 this morning, the two highest projected tidal levels are expected to be Today (Monday) and tomorrow (Tuesday) at approx.: 5:00PM that are projected to peak at 7.9’. After this time, subsequent tidal flows are expected to decline below the stage at which the road begins to flood.

  • The campsite is currently NOT flooded

  • Water is expected concurrent with high tide at approximately 5:00pm. Areas of the campground most commonly affected when in the moderate and higher flood stages are the sites directly adjacent to the canals:

  • 82-94 inclusive

  • 130-134 inclusive

  • 135-150 inclusive (only 149 and 150 are RV sites)

  • Other areas of the park may experience standing water in roadways, etc.

  • MD Bay Bridge: Bay Bridge upgraded to limited restrictions (no house trailers or empty box trailers).

  • Nice/Middleton Bridge: Currently under a Wind Warning as of 10:55 am today. This means: "(sustained wind speeds of 30-39 mph for a continuous period of 10 mins or more; or wind gusts persistently exceed 30 mph over a period of 15 mins) operators of house trailers, box trailers, motorcycles, vehicles with roof-mount racks containing cargo or any other vehicle that may be subject to high winds are advised to use caution while traveling across the bridge." Source: Maryland Transportation Authority official Twitter feed:

  • Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel: The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel is currently operating under a Level 1 wind restriction, which means No trailers will be permitted to cross. More info on the restriction levels can be found here - Source:

Impact on the event:

  • Current plans are that the event IS STILL ON, with potential for minimal disruption to the schedule on Wednesday, as the tents are currently scheduled to be delayed one day, to be set up on Wednesday morning. If necessary, we will make, and announce, adjustments to the schedule based on available venues and conditions.

  • Once this storm blows out, it is supposed to be gorgeous for the remainder of the event!

Please be safe, and reach out if you have any additional questions or concerns!

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