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Weather Information

Everyone should have received an email in the last couple days from Bob regarding weather related information for planning purposes. If you didn't see that email, it is included below, and this information is also posted on the MA Rally Facebook Page.

Safe travels to everyone, see you next week!

*** Wagonmaster Post ***

Good morning – I wanted to address concerns that I am sure we are all feeling with regards to the weather, and the storm Ian coming up the coast.

I am using the following sources for forecasting information, as it is based on NOAA weather data as well as other sources:

Wind Forecast

Rain Forecast

GPS Coordinates: 38.6261654,-75.10180939999998

Honestly, there are so many different places to look, but in my experience this has been very reliable, so this is where we are referring to when we are looking to make decisions.

As of the writing of this message, the storm’s track has it coming into the area this weekend, and departing on Tuesday, the day before the official opening of the event. The wind and rain will start on Friday, with the heaviest rain and wind being during the day Saturday. Most of the rain should be gone by mid-day Sunday, but the winds will continue through Tuesday, with wind speeds over the weekend through Tuesday maxing out in the 25mph range, diminishing as we get closer to Tuesday.

So, all in all, it looks like we will be in good shape for our event. Unless there is a SUBSTANTIAL change in the weather forecast, THE RALLY IS ON AS PLANNED.

That said, there are a few things to consider. The main road into the event, Long Neck Road, is prone to flooding during heavy wind and rain in some areas that can potentially have an impact on your arrival. One particular stretch, approximately 100yards long, is the area most likely to flood, but there is typically no current and the road is solid, and water level in my experience has not been more than a inch or two. I have attached a photo taken of this stretch of road during our 2019 rally (the year of “The Great Flood”) for reference, taken at high tide. Of course you should never cross moving water, so use your best judgement when considering whether to cross or not. Your best bet is to consider your level of comfort and safety before crossing, obviously.

If you would like to better time your arrival with the tides, the Long Neck Tidal Schedule can be found here -

I, and several others of the WM team, will be arriving at the campgrounds this Saturday, and will be boots-on-the-ground for weather and condition updates. If you have questions or concerns, we have set up a phone number for you to call that will be answered by one of us who are onsite – (484) 369-1803 (WM On-Call phone).

Safe travels, and I am looking forward to seeing everyone next week!


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