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From Humble Beginnings

The Grand Design Mid-Atlantic Owners Rally is the longest running rally in North America, begun in 2015.  In several instances, it has also been the largest rally with the exception of the National Rally.  We even managed to hold the Rally in 2020, amidst all the Covid issues!


It has a long tradition of allowing GD owners to meet new friends, share new experiences, interact with Grand Design associates and technicians, and raise funds for various charities.  We have had participants from all over the US and Canada attend the rally, which has been held in several locations, including Millsboro, DE and Urbanna, VA. 


The organizing team that plans and coordinates the thousands of details has remained intact since the beginning, and this team loves creating the opportunity for rallygoers to experience a first-class event.  Everyone associated with the planning and execution of the event is a volunteer - they all have jobs, families, and many other obligations, but they love giving Grand Design owners the opportunity to meet new people, share experiences, and in many cases, form lasting friendships. 


In addition to this website, there is also a facebook page, email blasts, blog posts, and other forms of keeping in touch.  We welcome you to visit the history of our charities, sponsors and vendors, and see information about our next eventSubscribe to this site to receive regular updates if you are interested in attending a rally. 


We hold two event each year - The Anti-Rally(May timeframe), where we just camp, chill, relax, eat, drink, play games, sit on the beach, and anything else we feel like doing.  There's no structure to the event other than when we arrive and depart.  The Fall Rally(October timeframe) is the formal event, we have seminars, games, events, social activities, fundraising, poker runs, raffles, and many more activities for you to enjoy. 


You can participate as much or as little as you like.  Grand Design Service Technicians are on-site during the rally, and take care of formal recalls and emergency safety related items.  Grand Design Corporate staff also attend to interact with the attendees.  There's also SWAG! - the neat Grand Design branded items that are given out to rally attendees. 


The events sell out fast - they are hugely popular.  If you can't make it to the Mid-Atlantic Rally, there are tons of other rallies all over the United States and Canada.  Visit to see a listing of all the events. 

We welcome your feedback!  Email [email protected] to send us your thoughts.

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