2021 Grand Design Mid-Atlantic Owners’ Rally

On behalf of the organizers of the 2021 Grand Design Mid-Atlantic Owners’ Rally, we would like to invite you to our 2021 event to be held September 29 through October 4 at Bethpage Camp Resort in Urbanna, VA!

As in previous years, we are putting together the best program possible, with a mix of learning and social activities intended to help everyone have a good time, and to make new friends. You can see the preliminary schedule from the navigation bar the right.

Aside from bringing Grand Design RV owners together, this event is also to raise funds for charity. For 2021, we have select two charities:

  • The Honor Network – http://www.ushf.net
    Honoring lives lost by inspiring people through random acts of kindness, providing hop and healing for those in need.
  • Yellow Ribbon Girls – http://www.yellowribbongirls.com
    The Yellow Ribbon Girls are a group of volunteers who send care packages, cards, and more to troops deployed all over the world.

If you are interested in attending the 2021 rally please take note on the important items below.  Several items are the same as last year, but kept them in as a reminder.

As of 6/10/2021, all available rally sites at Bethpage have been reserved. Therefore, we are allowing people to get put on our waitlist. This is a different process than the past. Instead of contacting Bethpage directly, please follow the steps below:

  • Click on the “Buy Tickets” link on the upper right to see the ticket options available. Select the correct tickets for your family and then click “Checkout Now”.
  • 2. Complete the registration form as if you are purchasing the ticket, however * YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED *. It will take you through the registration process, but will NOT ask for payment information. Once complete, your information goes into the system waitlist.
  • If a rally site opens, you will be notified and will go through the process of completing your registration and site reservation.

Please note that tickets have a No Refund/No Transfer policy.  This has always been the policy and has not changed.

  • This rally is an event run entirely by volunteers, therefore the rally organizers must ensure adequate financial resources exist to cover the rally expenses.
  • Rally organizers often front the expenses using our own finances.  In the event you need to cancel your participation, your ticket fee will be added to the charities donations mentioned above.
  • NO ONE MAKES ANY MONEY on this event, organizers pay their own way, and to date we have raised almost $60,000 for charities supporting veterans, their families and children with terminal illnesses