Pre-Event Update Part 3 – Vendors, Seminars, and Events

By now, we would hope that you have some comfort in how the process will work to get you to the site, and from there, some basics about how the flow of things work – how to find information, how to get the latest info, and how to be notified when things change.

In today’s message, we are going to talk about the folks who are there to help US.  We have a number of sponsors and vendors, companies who have worked with us to raise funds for Fisher House through donations of product, donations of supplies, and more.  These are the folks that bring extra value to events like ours, give you the opportunity to find new things, get discounts on upgrades and more.  For 2020, our sponsors are:

  • Grand Design RV (5th year)
  • Bethpage Camp-Resort
  • Lippert Components (4th year)
  • Dodd RV
  • Gabe’s Pride (4th year)
  • Performance Trailer Braking (4th year)
  • MORryde (2nd year)
  • SkyMed (2nd year)
  • Aero Cosmetics (2nd year)
  • RV Airflow Systems
  • The Honor Network

Please visit our Sponsor page to learn more about these awesome organizations –

In addition to the above listed sponsors, the following vendors are also joining us for 2020:

  • Celebrate The Chesapeake Nnk Style!
  • Color Street
  • J.l. Dameron Sfd Llc.
  • Jraid Jewelry And Crafts
  • Nonnis Fun Lights
  • Summit Handcrafted
  • Terrys Rv Service Center Llc
  • Thirty-One Gifts
  • Windhill Embroidery

For more information on the products and services offered, please visit the Vendor page for more details –

Seminars are often one of the things that folks are interested in and the purpose of these seminars is to help you learn about all sorts of different topics.  These can be mechanical (“How to change a lightbulb”), Educational (“Proper care and feeding of your tires”), or just plain fun (“Learn about my Alaska Cruising Adventure”).  The great part about this is that we have a lot of folks who are very experienced, and are willing to share their knowledge with you.  These seminars are listed on the event schedule (you remember from the last newsletter how to get to the schedule, right?  I’ll wait while you dig it up……..  Ok, the link is in case you can’t find that email <wink>). 

A complicating factor in 2020 for us, is that typically we have everyone together for these seminars, but with social distancing requirements, we have to split these up.  The intent, and this is somewhat fluid at the moment, is to have the live session in the Group Rally Center, and then stream the content to two other locations on site.  This may require you to bring a chair, but we will have those details for you by the time the event arrives.

Aside from the specific sessions, we have the ability to facilitate smaller sessions that may be more personal, like trip experiences, how-tos, etc.  These “Birds of a Feather” session can be set up by ANYONE who wants to host one (provided the facilities are available when requested).  If you would like to host one of these sessions, please reach out to your WagonMasters for help).

A different type of activities are Events.  These are social activities intended to have fun, and spend time with our fellow GD owners, some run by the event, some are run by individuals who just want to do something fun out of the kindness of their heart.  If you are attending a personally-hosted event, please remember that the person hosting the event is incurring any costs personally, so please bring something along to contribute if you can. 

Events are a key part of what has built this group into arguably one big family.

Stay healthy, safe travels, and we look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Your WagonMasters