Reminder when purchasing tickets, and a brief update

Unfortunately, we had a bit of a problem last year… we had several folks outside of our group who came in and took advantage of our good nature, and helped themselves to your food (most notably the BBQ meal!). So this year, we are going to have to change a few things up.

Starting in 2019 all participants will be required to wear their attendee badges when coming to the events where event resources are being made available to participants, just to make sure that everyone gets what they are entitled to. We will have volunteers there to make sure that everyone has their badge, and instruct those who do not to either get their badge, or see one of the admins for assistance. For informational events, like trips, seminars, etc this will not be the case, since we do want to share information with whomever can benefit.

Also, to make sure that there are enough resources to cover the increasing costs of catering, we are reminding folks that this year your RV event ticket covers 2 adults and 2 kids (under 18). If you have additional adults above the 2 included, you will need to grab an “Additional Adult Guest” ticket for an additional $10 (dinner catering costs about $9/head for one meal). This just helps offset the cost of the catering so that we can make sure that there are enough funds to run the event without significant cash outlays from the WagonMasters.

So why all the changes, and why the changes in fees? Well, in the past, the most expensive part of the event, the main tent, has been predominantly provided by Massey’s Landing. This tent costs about $14,000 to rent, so it is not an insignificant cost. This year, Massey’s is contributing in a different way, but additional funds will be needed to secure the tents, as well as additional resources such as tent heaters, bottled water, administrative needs (printing, paper products, etc). Now, since we do not keep any money for ourselves, just like every other year, any funds left over will go to our Charity Beneficiary, so the small increase in fees will help cover our costs, and go to a great cause.

We are looking forward to another awesome event, and awesome year! Travel safely, and enjoy!

Information on the 2019 Grand Design Mid-Atlantic Rally

Just a quick note to give folks some information relative to the 2019 event.

  1. Yes, we realize that this is a very rudimentary site – we are working on it πŸ™‚
  2. We made the decision that we will call ourselves the Mid-Atlantic rally next year to make location less confusing.
  3. The event will be over Columbus Day weekend, which is one week later next year.Β  The event dates are Oct 9-14, 2019.
  4. We will again be at The Resort at Massey’s Landing (yay!)
  5. We will be centralizing the information about the event, and posting it here (and notifying other locations as well)
  6. There is an email notification option coming as well, so you never miss an update πŸ™‚

Hang in there – Massey’s is working through the list and expects to be done by approximately 10/28.



Welcome to the new Rally Page!

There is a lot going on, as always, and we are continuously working to make things even better!  We heard that a single place to get all the requisite information was needed, and here it is!  In addition to the general information, we will also use this during events to keep everyone up to date, give you access to the schedule and other documents, and more!

The 2019 rally will again be at Massey’s Landing, and will be over Columbus Day weekend – October 9th through the 14th.

Since we are still working on getting things closed out for 2018, we will be working on that before we work on this, but at least you all know what is available and where it will come from πŸ™‚