Registration is now open!

We are glad to annouce that registration is now open! That said, please read ALL the following before you do anything!

Please go to the 2020 rally page – – and read all of it – it will outline what steps you need to take in order to register for the event. It is important that you remember to call to reserve your site and then go and purchase your ticket at

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us at!

Update on 2020 progress

We have repeatedly said “hang in there, it’s coming, hang in there” when it comes to the opening of registration for the 2020 rally, and repeatedly we have run into a wall. Our attempt to move to a new ticketing platform (Eventzilla) has proven to be problematic after failing several validation tests – so we need to move to another system. This will delay us, but it is more important to do this RIGHT than FAST – I am sure you would agree (I would certainly hope you would).

There are a few other developments – We are trying to work through a process to help groups get spaces together. We have a rough framework in place, but it will have some caveats – once we have the process pinned down, we will make it available to everyone through the formal channels – email, website, and Facebook.

We have gone through the year-end financials, and we are proud to announce that the total donation we will be making to the Portsmouth Fisher House will in fact be more than we initially thought! We will be donating $19,000 to support their operations, up from the initial estimate of $17.500. We are super excited to be able to increase our donation amount! We have hit a logistical snag – the initial plan was to deliver the donation to them on December 14th, but due to several circumstances, that won’t be possible – so instead of making them wait for us to be able to get the travel worked out, we will be sending the donation to them, and scheduling another date to meet with them down the road. Frankly, it is more important that they have the donations in their hand for the holidays. (On a side note, if you wrote a donation to Fisher House on a personal check, that will be sent to them in that delivery, and a request for a tax receipt will be made then so you will be able to claim it on your taxes).

As always, thank you for your feedback and for your support – we are committed to keeping you up to date with what is going on, but should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reachout!

Preparing for launch…

In preparation for opening up registration, we have created content that will help you be more prepared when you go to purchase your ticket, with an overview of the information we need, as well as information that you can help us with when you sign up. For more information, check out the Rally 2020 page at

And the changes keep coming

As a result of the event survey, there are a bunch of things in the mix!
– We have now redone the website to make it mobile friendly
– We have incorporated a new Newsletter system to make it easier to stay up to date
– We are working on the remaining informaiton to close out 2019 and start sharing info on 2020

Stay tuned, as there are a number of things that will be good news to a lot of you!

Facebook Group URL Change

Please note that the URL for the Facebook Group is changing to “http://www/”. If you have any saved links, please be aware of this change. In the event you are not able to find the group, you can search for it in Facebook, or follow the navigation link on the right side of this page, “Find us on Facebook” to take you there.

Thanks for your understanding!

Minor update – Additional Details on cruises, addition of tasty treats!

Quick update, for those who have asked:

Sunset Cruises:
If you are interested in the cruise, we ask that you arrive at the Welcome Center approximately 4:30pm, with a departure approximately 4:45 for the dock. The drive takes approximately 25 mins, and the cruise is about 90 minutes. The van will return to the resort approximately 8:00pm.

Funnel Cakes:
One of our members will be making funnel cakes at their site, #64. All proceed from these yummy treats will be donated to our charity, Portsmouth Fisher House!

Welcome Letters and more formal communications will be coming out later this week. These communications will be sent via email, and posted here as well, so look for a message announcing this information!

T-Minus 13 days and counting…

We now are 13 days from the start of the event, and as always, even as things have been hectic, they are slowly coming together in a good way!

The schedule has been further refined – please check out, and bookmark, and check the latest times, and activities you would like to participate in!

Vendors/Sponsors: We will need any materials you would like packed in the swag bags delivered no later than Friday, Oct 4th! If you are not likely to be able to get them to us by then, please get in touch ASAP by email at

See everyone soons!

Reminder when purchasing tickets, and a brief update

Unfortunately, we had a bit of a problem last year… we had several folks outside of our group who came in and took advantage of our good nature, and helped themselves to your food (most notably the BBQ meal!). So this year, we are going to have to change a few things up.

Starting in 2019 all participants will be required to wear their attendee badges when coming to the events where event resources are being made available to participants, just to make sure that everyone gets what they are entitled to. We will have volunteers there to make sure that everyone has their badge, and instruct those who do not to either get their badge, or see one of the admins for assistance. For informational events, like trips, seminars, etc this will not be the case, since we do want to share information with whomever can benefit.

Also, to make sure that there are enough resources to cover the increasing costs of catering, we are reminding folks that this year your RV event ticket covers 2 adults and 2 kids (under 18). If you have additional adults above the 2 included, you will need to grab an “Additional Adult Guest” ticket for an additional $10 (dinner catering costs about $9/head for one meal). This just helps offset the cost of the catering so that we can make sure that there are enough funds to run the event without significant cash outlays from the WagonMasters.

So why all the changes, and why the changes in fees? Well, in the past, the most expensive part of the event, the main tent, has been predominantly provided by Massey’s Landing. This tent costs about $14,000 to rent, so it is not an insignificant cost. This year, Massey’s is contributing in a different way, but additional funds will be needed to secure the tents, as well as additional resources such as tent heaters, bottled water, administrative needs (printing, paper products, etc). Now, since we do not keep any money for ourselves, just like every other year, any funds left over will go to our Charity Beneficiary, so the small increase in fees will help cover our costs, and go to a great cause.

We are looking forward to another awesome event, and awesome year! Travel safely, and enjoy!